Add iPhone Hotspot to Macbook Wi-Fi Menu Automatically At Top

If your iPhone and Macbook are connected to the same Apple iCloud account, then iPhone’s hotspot Wi-Fi should automatically be showing up at the top of the Macbook’s Wi-Fi menu.

This is a part of Apple’s Continuity and Handoff feature called Instant Hotspot and in case your iPhone hotspot doesn’t show up automatically in your Macbook, you can follow the below steps to fix this issue. It is going to take some time, so sit back and relax!

  1. First, logout of both iCloud on your iPhone and iCloud account on your Macbook. For iPhone: go to Settings->Click your name-> Go at the end, select Signout. For Macbook, click the Apple icon, System Preferences-> Apple ID (top right) -> Overview -> Signout.
  2. Now reboot both the devices.
  3. Next, log into your iCloud account on both devices.
  4. Reboot again! Yes, it’s painful but this step is very important.

Now your iPhone hotspot should show up on your Macbook Wi-Fi menu automatically at the top.