Mailchimp re-subscribe a permanently deleted member

To re-subscribe a permanently deleted member i.e whose email address has been permanently removed from a Mailchimp list is to have them sign up again using a sign-up form or manually add their email address to the list. If you’ve permanently deleted a member from your MailChimp list, it’s not possible to directly re-subscribe them.

To re-join the list, the permanently deleted member will need to enter their email address once more and confirm their subscription. You may accomplish this by having a sign-up form on your website or by manually adding their email address to your Mailchimp list.
It’s vital to remember that a member won’t be able to re-subscribe if they have unsubscribed or marked emails from your list as spam.

To signup using a Mailchimp form, you need to follow this:

Alternatively, to re-subscribe a permanently deleted member, you can add the member’s email address back to your list as a new subscriber by following these steps:

  • Export a copy of your list: Before adding a new subscriber to your MailChimp list, export a copy of your current list. This way you’ll have an extra copy to reference if needed.
  • Add a new subscriber: To add a new subscriber to your MailChimp account, go to the “Lists” section of your MailChimp account and then click on the “Add Subscriber” button. Enter the subscriber’s email address and any other relevant information (such as their name or address).
  • Before saving a new subscriber to your list, make sure that the email address is valid and that it’s not already subscribed to your list. MailChimp will notify you if the email address is already in use.
  • If the email address is valid, click the “Save” button. The new subscriber will now be added to your MailChimp list.

After following the above process, you can re-subscribe to a permanently deleted member.