How to rename a file in Ubuntu

The mv command can be used in Ubuntu to rename files. Files and folders can be moved or renamed with the mv command, which stands for move.

Renaming a file can be done using the syntax shown below:

mv old-filename new-filename

Make sure you are in the current directory where the file is present before running the above command. You can navigate to the directory via cd /your-path-where-file is present.

For instance, you would issue the command below to rename a file named “your-old-file.txt.txt” to “your-new-file.txt”:

mv your-old-file.txt your-new-file.txt

Using the mv command, you can also move a file to a different directory by supplying the new name and the target path.

mv /path/to/your-old-file.txt /path/to/new-destination/your-new-file.txt

The mv command will replace any existing files with the same name as the new file name, so use caution while using it.