Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag in the Google search console

The noindex tag is an HTML tag that can be added to a webpage to tell search engines not to index the page or follow any links on the page. This can be useful in cases where a webpage is not ready to be published, or if the content on the page is not relevant to search engines.

To fix an issue with the noindex tag in the Google Search Console, you will need to remove the noindex tag from the webpage. This can typically be done by editing the HTML code of the webpage and removing the noindex tag. Once the tag has been removed, you can submit the page for reindexing through the Google Search Console by using the “Fetch as Google” feature. This will tell Google to crawl and index the page again, which should resolve the issue.

It’s important to note that the noindex tag is just one of several ways to prevent a webpage from being indexed by search engines. Other methods include using the robots.txt file to block access to the page, or using the nofollow attribute on links pointing to the page.