Create automated snapshots of EC2 instance in AWS

  • Go to EC2 Dashboard home.
  • Click on Lifecycle Manager in Elastic Block Store menu:

Select EBS snapshot policy as Policy type in Create new lifecycle policy section.
Click Next Step button.

  • On the next page, add the following settings:
    • Target resource types: Volume
    • Target resource tags > Name > Name of your instance
    • Description: Staging Server Snapshot Polciy
    • Iam Role > Default Role
    • Polciy Status > Enabled
  • On the next page, add the following schedule details:
    • Schedule name: Staging Server Snapshot Schedule
    • Frequency: Daily
    • Every: 24 Hrs
    • Starting at: 09:00 UTC
    • Retention type > Count > 2
    • Additional tags:
      • Key: Snapshot Type
      • Value: Automated
  • Click Review Policy button to move towards the final step.
  • Review page will look like this:
  • Click Create policy button. The next page will show you the success message.

The snapshots can be accesed via EC2 Dashboard > ElasticBlock > Snapshots section.

The snapshots will be taken at the specified time which was set at the time of creation of the configuration in the above steps.