How to run Ionic project in Visual Studio Code

  • Make sure you have installed Ionic framework.
  • Add a file with name .nvmrc at the root of the project.
  • In .nvmrc file add the version of node you want to us in your project. The contents of that file should like this

  • Open the Terminal in Visual Studio Code at the root of the project.
  • Run nmv install to install the specified node version
nvm install


Found '/.nvmrc' with version <v16.14.2>
v16.14.2 is already installed.
Now using node v16.14.2 (npm v8.5.0)
  • Run npm install at the root of the project:
npm install

Run ionic serve at the root of the project:

ionic serve

You will see the output like this:

 Local: http://localhost:8100
       Use Ctrl+C to quit this process

[INFO] Browser window opened to http://localhost:8100!

You site ionic project is ready to be accessed on http://localhost:8100/ url.