Examples of Git branch naming conventions

There are numerous naming conventions that can be used for Git branches, but the following are some of the most common:

  • bug: A branch used to fix bug(s), for example, “bug/fix-undefined-error-on-login-page”
  • hotfix: A branch used to quickly resolve critical issues in the production environment, such as “hotfix/fix-xss-attack.”
  • feature: A branch used to create new features, such as “feature/add-login-page.”
  • release: A branch used to prepare for a new release, for example, “release/v23”
  • experimental: A branch used for experimental work, such as “experimental/test-new-framework”. It can be used to test new ideas or experimental technologies.
  • feature/ticket-number: A branch named after the ticket number, for example, “feature/F5673”.
  • type/description: A branch name that begins with the branch’s type along with a description, such as “feature/signup-page”