AWS Cannot exceed quota for PoliciesPerUser: 10

If you are trying to add polcies more than 10 to a single user you will get the following error:

Limit exceeded. Your request exceeds one of the limits for this account. Remove one or more existing items and try again. Cannot exceed quota for PoliciesPerUser: 10

The solution is to create a single policy covering all the permissions of required polcies.

  • Go to IAM dashboard.
  • Select Policies menu from the left hand side menu.
  • Click Create Policy link.
  • On Create Policy page, select the polcies which you want to club for the user/users.
  • Click Next, to review poilcy.
  • In the name field enter IAMYourOwnPolicy.
  • Click Create Policy button.
  • Next page will give you a success message that the polciy has been created.
  • You can use this polciy for your user now.