VMWare Fusion File not found error MAC M1

Error: File not found while installing VMWare Fusion on MAC M11

The solution is to delete all the following folders/files:

  • ~/Applications/VMware Fusion Tech Preview
  • ~/Applications/VMware Fusion
  • ~/Applications/VMware
  • ~/Library/Logs/VMware
  • ~/Library/Logs/VMware/VMware Fusion Services.log
  • ~/Library/Preferences/VMware
  • ~/Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion
  • ~/Library/Application Support/VMware

Above, Library folder can be accessed via Finder > Macintosh HD > Library.

Reinstall the VMWare Fusion again on MAC M1. Open the VMWare Fusion again and press SHIFT + COMMAND + L to open Virtual Machine Library. Delete the machines which no longer exists on your machine.

Restart the VMWare Fusion again and this time it will work on your M1 machine.