Update all npm packages to latest

We will make use of npm-check-updates package to update all the npm packages to the latest version. Install the npm-check-updates package globally on your machine by running the following command:

npm install -g npm-check-updates

Go to your project and run the following command to check the outdated npm packages:


The above command will give you the output like this:

 @angular/cli       14.0.0  →  14.1.0
 corepack           0.10.0  →  0.12.1
 native-run          1.5.0  →   1.6.0
 npm-check-updates  15.3.4  →  16.0.0
 npm                8.11.0  →  8.15.0
 @types/node        ^18.0.6 →  ^18.6.1
 jasmine-core       ~4.2.0  →  ~4.3.0

Run the following command to update all the oudated npm packages to the latest:

ncu -u

Running the above command will update all the npm packges to the latest.