Integrate MailChimp in C#/.Net core

One popular approach for integrating MailChimp with a C#/.Net Core application is to use the MailChimp.NET library, which is a wrapper for the MailChimp API. To use this library, first install it through NuGet by running the following command in the Package Manager Console:

Install-Package MailChimp.NET

After installing the library, you can begin using it in your code. Here’s an example of how the library could be used to add a new subscriber to a MailChimp list:

using MailChimp.NET;
using MailChimp.NET.Models;

// ...

var mailChimpManager = new MailChimpManager("YourMailchimpApiKey");

var subscriber = new Subscriber
    EmailAddress = "",
    Status = Status.Subscribed

mailChimpManager.Subscribers.AddAsync(listId, subscriber);

Replace “YourMailchimpApiKey” with your own MailChimp API key, and listId with the Id of the list to which you want to add the subscriber.