Difference between tilde(~) and caret(^) in package.json

The tilde () and caret () characters are used in a package.json file to specify version constraints for dependencies. A tilde is used to specify a flexible minimum version constraint. For example, if a dependency is specified in a package’s package.json file as “lodash”: “4.17.15”, it means that the package requires at least version 4.17.15…More

MySQL update password of a user

Below is the script which can be used to update the password of any existing user: Connect to MySQL via sudo mysql command on your MySQL instance sudo mysql Run the password update script: ALTER USER ‘<YourUser>’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘<YourPassword>‘;More

dotnet 7 service not starting

Getting error while starting the dotnet 7 service: The solution is to install the dotnet 7 service from scratch since /usr/bin/dotnet folder doesn’t exist based on the above errorMore

Update Ubuntu using command

Launch the terminal program.Connect to a remote server, using ssh.Run the following command to obtain a list of updated software. Run the following command to update Ubuntu software/packages. Finally, use the following command to restart the Ubuntu machine.More

NullInjectorError: No provider for GoogleAnalytics!

The “NullInjectorError: No provider for GoogleAnalytics!” error typically occurs when you are trying to use the Google Analytics service in your Ionic app, but the service has not been properly configured or injected into your app. Error: NullInjectorError: R3InjectorError(AppModule)[PlatformService -> GoogleAnalytics -> GoogleAnalytics -> GoogleAnalytics]: NullInjectorError: No provider for GoogleAnalytics! at NullInjector.get (core.mjs:8096:27) at R3Injector.get…More

angular unit test check a text html element

To check the text of an HTML element in an Angular unit test, you can use the nativeElement property of the element’s debugElement to access the element’s DOM node, and then use the textContent property to get the text of the element. Here is an example of how you can check the text of an…More

angular find element by tag using fixture debugElement

To find an element by tag using the debugElement property of a component fixture in Angular, you can use the query method of the debugElement and pass it a By object with the css method and the tag name as arguments. Here is an example of how you can find an element with the tag…More