Add password to elasticsearch

Let’s say the elasticsearch is installed at following path elasticsearch C:\elasticsearch-7.17.0\config. Navigate to the elasticsearch.yml config file and set to true. Navigate to bin folder of elasticsearch installation and run the following command in the terminal bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive Follow the steps mentioned in the prompt. Initiating the setup of passwords for reserved users elastic,apm_system,kibana,kibana_system,logstash_system,beats_system,remote_monitoring_user.<br>You…More

Open a folder in Visual Studio Code in MAC

Install ‘code’ command in PATH Install the macOS service Right click any folder, go to Services and there you will see “Open in Visual Studio Code” option now. Clicking that option will open that folder in Visual Studio Code.More

Add a favicon to your WordPress site

Go to WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Appearance >> Customize. Click on Site Identity menu. In the menu bar click on Select site icon option. Upload your favicon. Save your changes. Your favicon should be availaible now on your WordPress site.More

Check file exists in Ubuntu

We can use the find command of Linux to check if a file exists or not on Ubuntu. Let’s say we need to check if a file exists at path /etc/nginx/ssl/ We can run the following command to do that: find /etc/nginx/ssl/ If the file exists on the server, the command will return the path…More

Connect external AWS domain with Shopify

Connection will be done in three main steps: Add the domain to Shopify. Log in to domain provider (AWS) and connect the domain to Shopify. Verify the connection in Shopify. Add the domain to Shopify Go to Shopify domains . Click Connect existing domain link. On Connect existing domain page add your external domain Log in to domain provider…More

Omnisharp server not running

In the Visual Studio Code editor, with C#, I was getting the following error: “Failed to run test because OmniSharp server is not running“ This was the error trace: After a lot of research, I was able to find a fix for this issue. We need to add the following two settings in VS Code…More