How to signup using a Mailchimp form?

To enable users to signup using a Mailchimp form and subscribe to your mailing list, you can create a sign-up form in Mailchimp in a number of ways. The general stages to creating a sign-up form are as follows: The published form URL will be like this: You can use that URL to display…More

How to check the URL of a local Git repository

To check the URL of a local Git repository, use the command git remote -v. This will show the URLs of remote repositories that are configured for the local repository and the name of the remote (usually “origin”). If you want more detailed information about a particular remote, use git remote show, replacing it with…More

github – Git remote Repository not found SSH VSCode

Git remote Repository not found SSH error message indicates that the Git remote repository could not be found via SSH. One of the main reasons could be that you haven’t set the git remote URL for ssh, you can do that via: Above, git remote set-url origin is a command that tells Git to…More

Fix for Make sure you configure your “” and “” in git

You must provide your username and email address in your Git configuration file to resolve the error “Make sure you configure your ‘’ and ‘’ in git.” Please note that the email address specified in this command should be the same email address used for your Git account, otherwise commits will be attributed to different…More

How to unset git config key

To unset git config key use the command git config –unset <key>, which will remove a specific key from the Git configuration file. Use git config –unset, for instance, to remove the key setting. Examples of unsettling the keys globally: This code removes the global configuration for your email address, name, and password…More

How to add spacing between list items in CSS

The most popular techniques for adding spacing between list items in CSS include the following: Using Margin You can add space between the list items by using the margin attribute. Use the following CSS, for instance, to add 5px of space between list items: Additionally, you can add spacing to particular list item sides by…More

Integrate MailChimp in C#/.Net core

One popular approach for integrating MailChimp with a C#/.Net Core application is to use the MailChimp.NET library, which is a wrapper for the MailChimp API. To use this library, first install it through NuGet by running the following command in the Package Manager Console: After installing the library, you can begin using it in your…More

Mailchimp API adding tags to existing members

You can add tags to current mailing list subscribers using Mailchimp’s API. Here’s an illustration of how to tag an existing user using the Mailchimp API: To begin, send a POST request to the `lists/{list_id}/members/{subscriber_hash}/tags` endpoint. The list_id is the mailing list’s unique identifier, and the subscriber hash is the MD5 hash of the subscriber’s…More