Error: Unable to locate executable file: ‘zip’ Azure Devops pipeline

Error: You are getting the following error while running the Azure Devops pipeline: ##[error]Error: Unable to locate executable file: ‘zip’. Please verify either the file path exists or the file can be found within a directory specified by the PATH environment variable. Also check the file mode to verify the file is executable. ##[error]Unable to…More

Show hidden files on Mac

In oreder to show hidden files on Mac in the FInder you need to press the the followwing keys: CMD + SHIFT + . You will be able to access the hidden files on your MAC’s Finder window now.More

Gitignore for Ionic project

You can keep the following gitignore for your Ionic project: # Specifies intentionally untracked files to ignore when using Git # *~ *.sw[mnpcod] .tmp *.tmp *.tmp.* *.sublime-project *.sublime-workspace .DS_Store Thumbs.db UserInterfaceState.xcuserstate $RECYCLE.BIN/ *.log log.txt npm-debug.log* /.idea /.ionic /.sass-cache /.sourcemaps /.versions /.vscode /coverage /dist /node_modules /platforms /plugins /wwwMore

Allow HTTP HTTPS traffic to EC2 instance in AWS

Go to EC2 instances dashboard. Select the instance and navigate to Security tab in the below pane. Click the security group linked to that instance. Click the Edit inbound rules button. On Edit inbound rules page, click Add rule button. Add HTTP (80 port) and HTTPS (443 port) rules from tghe dropdowns Saving them will…More

Install Azure Devops pool agent on Ubuntu

Go to Azure Devops dashboard. Go to Project Settings. Go to Pipelines >> Agent pools. Click Add pool button. In Add agent pool modal add the following details Pool to link: New Pool type: Self-hosted Name: <Your desired pool name> Click the pool you just created to go to the pool detail page. Click New…More

How to install Nginx on Ubuntu

Installation of Nginx will be done in three main steps: Installing Nginx. Setup firewall. Restart Nginx. Check Nginx status. Installing Nginx. Run the following commands: Setup firewall. Add the following rules: Run Restart nginx Run the following command to to restart the nginx: Check Nginx status. Run the following command to check the status: Will…More

Install GoDaddy SSL certificate on AWS EC2 instance on Ubuntu

Get the zip of SSL certificates from GoDaddy site: Contents of the zip will contain the following files: 4a…..f.crt 4a…..f.pem gd_……g1.crt Get the private key file from GoDaddy: generated-private-key.txt Copy SSL files to the folowing folder on your MAC:/Users/<YourMacMachineUserName>/SSLRename the following files: gd_bundle-g2-g1.crt > intermediate.crt 4a……7f.crt > generated-private-key.txt > Generate a chained…More

Create automated snapshots of EC2 instance in AWS

Go to EC2 Dashboard home. Click on Lifecycle Manager in Elastic Block Store menu: Select EBS snapshot policy as Policy type in Create new lifecycle policy section.Click Next Step button. On the next page, add the following settings: Target resource types: Volume Target resource tags > Name > Name of your instance Description: Staging Server…More

Change support plan from Business to Basic in AWS

Navigate to thw AWS console header right hand side. Click Help icon. Click Support Center. On the next page click Change plan from the left hand side section, that will take you to Support plans page. On Support plans page click Change plan button. Click the Basic plan radio button and hit the Change plan…More