Angular directive to change background color of an element

Here is an illustration of a special directive that alters an element’s background color when the mouse hovers over it: Use the @Directive decorator to declare the directive’s selector in a new file that you create for it. Take the terminal to the folder where you want to add the directive. Use the following command…More

Angular basic example for implementing a directive

Directives are used in Angular to extend the capabilities of HTML elements and components. They are a method of adding behavior to DOM elements. Directives can be used to change the appearance or layout of elements, respond to user events, perform data binding, and do other things Here’s a simple example of how to use…More

Understanding @FocusState in SwiftUI

SwiftUI uses the @FocusState property wrapper to keep track of a view’s focus state. The active view is the one that gets keyboard input and other focus-related events when a view is focused. Here is an illustration of how you could modify the appearance of a view depending on whether it is focused or not…More

Find out graphics card and processor on MacBook Pro

There are several techniques to find out graphics card and processor on MacBook Pro, including: Using System Information Select Apple () menu from the top left of your MAC and search for the About option. Below is the screenshot for the About option: Click on the “System Report” button. You can found at the bottom…More

ngModel the name attribute must be set or the form

Angular requires that a “name” attribute be set on an input element when using the ngModel directive within a form. To resolve If ngModel is used within a form tag, either the name attribute must be set or the form error, simply add the “name” attribute to the input element. This allows Angular to bind…More

formControlName must be used with a parent

This error message is signaling that a formGroup directive must be used in conjunction with the formControlName directive, which links a specific form control to a form group. This is probably a bug in the template of your component. In other words, the formGroup directive should be passed a FormGroup instance, and the formControlName directive…More

npm install vs. npm update difference

While both npm install and npm update are used to manage a Node.js project’s packages and dependencies, they have different objectives: npm install A project’s new packages and their dependencies are installed using the npm install command. When you issue this command, npm inspects the package.json file for the project and installs the packages and…More

How to exclude some files from ng build

To exclude some files from ng build you can declare them in the “assets” attributes of the “architect” section of the project’s angular.json file. You can use ignore field to exclude specific files. We will use the options properties section inside build tag of angular.json. The angular.json file is the configuration file for the Angular…More

MailChimp Forgotten Email Not Subscribed

An email address that is not currently subscribed to the MailChimp list was provided, as indicated by the error message “MailChimp.Net.Core.MailChimpException: Title: Forgotten Email Not Subscribed.” The MailChimp API, which is being used in a.NET Core application, is the source of this error message. The error message implies that either the subscriber has unsubscribed from…More

Mailchimp re-subscribe a permanently deleted member

To re-subscribe a permanently deleted member i.e whose email address has been permanently removed from a Mailchimp list is to have them sign up again using a sign-up form or manually add their email address to the list. If you’ve permanently deleted a member from your MailChimp list, it’s not possible to directly re-subscribe them.…More